-> There is an interest in developing electric cars for two reasons. One reason is that there is only a certain amount of fuel in the world and it will eventually finish. Another is that electric cars will not cause air
pollution; i.e. the air will be clean. Why aren’t there electric cars on the roads then?

Although there are trucks, vans and other vehicles which run on electricity, the auto industry cannot yet produce electric passenger cars in order to sell on the market. This is because of the batteries in the cars today. These are lead-acid batteries and they do not provide the necessary power for an electric car. In other words, the car cannot go a long distance with such a battery. Besides, you must replace it in time.

Most engineers believe that the lead-acid battery is too heavy and too expensive. Therefore, scientists have developed another type of battery. This development may now be the first important step in the mass  production of electric automobiles. The new type is a conductive polymer battery. It is made of a material which is similar to plastic.

Polymer Batteries for Electric Vehicles ile ilgili görsel sonucu

However, it has a metallic appearance and the ability to conduct electricity. This new plastic battery is three times stronger than the ordinary car battery and weighs less than 5 kilograms. In addition, car builders can form it into any shape. This means you can place the battery anywhere in the car; for example, under the roof, behind the door panels or even under the seat.

Besides its capacity to take various shapes, it is also cheap because of the polymers used.
Several types of conductive polymer batteries are ready to be tested.
One disadvantage is that the polymer battery can be toxic – it can even kill people; therefore, it must be insulated well.

Many researchers agree that it is important to solve the energy problem; so the conductive polymer battery may be an important first step in electric vehicle development. They believe that such vehicles will replace the ones which we use today.





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