Every weekday morning mechanical engineer John Buchan, 23, puts on a suit and tie and roller-skates seven miles across San Francisco to his office.
He is not alone.

In Los Angeles, the famous singer Linda Ronstadt once skated to a dinner party. In New York’s Central Park, people wait in line to rent skates on weekends. And on Tuesday nights city skaters join in “Nightskates”, a two-hour trip through the park.



The new interest in roller-skating is the result of a new kind of skate which has polyurethane wheels. These wheels make skating very easy. However, the new skates are expensive, so many people prefer to rent them.
As well as providing transportation and fun, roller-skating is also becoming an organised sport. Today the U.S. Amateur Confederation of Roller Skating has about 40.000 members. National teams of roller skaters will compete in next year’s American Games and skaters hope that skating is going to be a part of the Olympic Games in the near future.



Our homes are full of devices – machines – that run on electricity, but we don’t use electricity in our homes only. We need it in schools, hospitals, banks, factories, etc.. Electricity brings us health and
comfort. For example, at home we use it for heating electric fires, irons  and toasters.

We also use electricity to produce shaft power, i.e., power that we use to run electric motors. For example, washing machines, refrigerators and mixers use this kind of power. Also vehicles such as
subway trains, trolley buses and electric locomotives have motors that run on electricity.
There are also some very special lamps that produce ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. We use both ravs in medical treatments. One of the most valuable and important uses of electricity is in producing X-rays.

When we look at an X-ray, we can see the inside of the human body, and in this way the physicians, or doctors, can give a more accurate ; that is, correct, diagnosis of an illness. In other words, when a doctor
looks at an X-ray he. can tell you what kind of an illness you have…


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