Samsung Galaxy S7 is to be on markets . . .

Samsung Galaxy S7, the new leader mobile phone of Samsung Series has been nearly completed at all.

Samsung which has got a great achievement on Galaxy Series is planning to break selling records once more with the newest model Samsung Galaxy S7.

Almost everybody all alorund the world has fallen in love with Samsung and S6 Edge however Samsung is still going on developing itself via Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design
Samsung Galaxy S7 pictures -pics

Actually I was planning to buy a S6 Edge but from now on I will wait for Galaxy S7. Maybe after it, Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge will also be on markets for smart phone lovers.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is to be on Markets

How muchs is Samsung Galaxy S7 ? 

We have not been able to learn how much Samsung Galaxy S7 is yet. As far as we guess, it will be more expensive than Iphone 7 and Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be the most expensive smart phone ever. That’s our thought. Maybe it is true or not.

Samsung aims to attracts the Iphone users so it is redeveloping more and more quality smart phones. After Samsung S6 Edge, some of the Iphone users started to use Samsung and now Samsung wants to attract more and more Iphone users. I think, it has the chance to attract them because according to almost all of the comparings, Samsung S6 Edge is better than all Iphone smart phones. We also know that with a great possibility Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will also be better than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is so attractive
Have you seen Samsung Galaxy S7 so far?

We wonder about what Iphone is planning to do in order to be able to compete against Samsung phones.

What do you think about Samsung and Iphones ? Wich one do you want to have ? Do you think some Iphone smartphones deserve to be more expensive than some of the Samsungs?

Do you think Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is worth to be paid on more than IPhone 6S ?

At he moment I have Samsung S5 mini and my wife has Iphone 6 Plus. I must admit that there is almost nothing that my wife can do with Iphone 6 Plus but I can’t do with Samsung S5 Mini.

However, Iphone 6 Plus is three times more expensive than Samsung S5 Mini.

The differences and similarities between Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. S7

Does it deserve to be too expensive like that?

Is it worth to be paid on 3 times more?

The answer is up to you and depends on your thoughts. . .

After all in your opinion when will  Iphone 7  be on markets? How much will I phone 7 cost? Which one will be better? Samsung Galaxy S7 or Iphone 7 – 7S ?

It is almost impossible to answer that question. We are waiting to get the answer as soon as possible

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Pics
Samsung S7 Edge will be on markets when?

Anyway… After all Samsung S7 Edge will be on markets when? Do you wonder? So do I

I am a fan of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from now on

Be patient… Samsung Galaxy S7 is to be on markets 

See you again

(Maybe I will also buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ) )

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