Who has to wear a seat belt • Drivers or front seat passengers in most vehicles have to wear a seat belt. If you are 14 or over, it will be your responsibility to wear your belt. If you do not, you can be fined up to £50. The driver will not have  to make you wear your belt. But he will have to make sure that children under 14 do not ride in the front if they are not wearing a seat belt.

A few vehicles have a middle front seat between the front passenger seat and the driver’s seat; for example, a bench seat. Your vehicle may be one of them . If just one passenger sits in the front, he must wear a  seat belt.

But if two passengers sit in the front, the person sitting in the middle will not have to wear a belt.
When you do not have to wear a seat belt You do not have to wear a seat belt on certain conditions.

One of these is when you are backing your vehicle. Another is if you have a medical certificate. Certain people should not wear a seat belt because of their health. It may be worse for them to wear a belt than to be in a road accident without one. They will not have to wear a belt if they get a medical certificate from a doctor.

If you think you are one of these people, go and talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Keep the certificate. If the police ask you why you are not wearing a seat belt, you should show them the certificate.


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