After splashing out three hundred pounds on ten pairs of shoes, a young girl found that shopping developed into an obsession which left her with debts totaling over fifty thousand pounds. This condition, known as ‘shopaholism’ is on the increase all over the country.

It often begins in quite a small way as it did with Diane. She used to go shopping to cheer herself up whenever she was depressed. It began with small items of underwear or bath products and make-up, and developed into buying complete outfits, and clothes she didn’t need.

The current trend for making credit easily available and tempting young people to get credit cards and store cards is largely responsible, according to the government, who are trying to crack down on easy credit for under-18s. Withdrawing credit cards can help, but for serious ‘shopaholics’ the need to buy remains, and the habit can only be broken by treating the symptoms in the same way as a drug addict or an alcoholic.


Mark the best choice.

1. Shopaholism is .

a) having debts amounting to great sums of money

b) going shopping whenever you feel depressed

c) not being able to resist buying the items you don’t need

d) not considered an obsession


2. Diane probably .

a) needs to buy a lot of clothing c) has a lot of money to spend

b) uses credit cards for shopping d) can’t stand buying unnecessary things


3. The government .

a) are encouraging people to get credit cards and store cards

b) are in the trend of making credit cards easily available for under-18s

c) are intending to make store cards as easily available as credit cards

d) think easily available credit cards lead to unnecessary shopping


4. Serious shopaholics .

a) should get some kind of psychological treatment

b) can be considered drug addicts or alcoholics

c) would stop buying if they didn’t have credit cards

d) have a habit which can never be broken

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