According to a recent survey, a large majority of Americans are in favor of retaining the present 55-mile-an-hour speed limit.’ This speed limit was imposed in 1973 when fuel shortages became crucial.

Seventy-five per cent of the persons surveyed think that the law is a  good one. They point to the decrease in the highway death rate or to the saving of fuel as reasons for their opinion. Easterners and older people, rather than young adults, are more likely to argue for retention of the law.

Only twenty-three per cent of the people surveyed favor a higher  speed limit for trucks. Their view is supported by the trucking industry, which contends that truck engines work more efficiently at higher speeds, and that trucks traveling at higher speeds reach markets more quickly, thereby saving consumers money.

However, some of the persons polled argue that trucks on certain highways are already  involved in a disproportionate number of fatal accidents.


Mark the best choice.

1. The original reason for the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit was that .

a) large trucks were causing many accidents

b) a majority of the people voted for it

c) a fuel shortage was developing

d) there was a sudden increase in highway death rate


2. do not seem to argue for keeping the speed limit.

a) 23% of the people b) Young people c) Old people d) 75 % of the people


3. Truckers want a higher speed limit for trucks .

a) although few trucks are involved in accidents

b) as trucks cannot save money by using little fuel

c) only if they do not transport consumer goods

d) because trucks run better at higher speeds


4. To contend (line 11) means to . a) be satisfied b) claim c) refuse d) be doubtful

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