The number of people who die as a result of starving is increasing every day; People don’t always die just because they don’t eat; they die because they are so weakened from lack of food that they get ill very easily. Very few people die of measles in Great Britain. Measles is  just a childhood disease that most of us experience and shake off in a week or two.

Let's stop starving
Let’s fight again starving

For those whose bodies are weakened by starving, however, measles is a killer. And so are hundreds of other diseases. In just one year of 90’s about 30,000,000 people died of such minor diseases, in other words starving. That’s the equivalent of the majority of the population of Great Britain. There  can be no doubt that if those people had gotten proper food, many of them would still be alive today. Firms in this country are currently spending millions of pounds manufacturing meat.

Why are people starving?

Not meat from cows but completely synthetic, artificial meat. They are making it out of a certain kind of fungus and from other vegetable matter. By adding flavour and other constituents, this ‘meat’ is said to be indistinguishable from the meat taken from animals. It has the same protein and other beneficial elements that a pound of steak or chicken contains and we are assured that within a few years we will be eating it as readily as we now eat lamb or beef.

Starving and starring
Someone is starving while someone is starring !


 A large number of us will be extremely hesitant about this synthetic foodstuff and therefore, the firms involved will have to spend many more millions on persuading us, through advertising, that we really need the new food. So, by the time the first vegetable sausage sizzles in our frying pans, millions of pounds will have been spent on the research, manufacture and selling of the new product. If it is true that such meat can be produced, if it is true that it really is as good as the real thing, and if it is going to be cheap, these products should not be directed at those who already have enough food but at those who have none.

Let's give a hand starving people
Please help starving children

Let the major firms forget about  spending millions trying to persuade us to eat it and use their marvellous new invention to feed the vast mass of the world’s population who have never even seen meat. Haifa loaf of bread is better than none: synthetic meat is better than an occasional handful of rice. Every year the major agricultural countries of the world produce too much of certain products – the quantity is beyond what is needed or consumed.

The comments on starving children
The comments on starving


Milk, vegetables and the like go off quickly as they cannot be efficiently stored. Modern food technology has presented us with the ability to freeze and to dehydrate (or freeze-dry) food. Could we hot be sensible and make use of this surplus of products by  processing them to give them longer life and flying them out to where they are needed?

Let's finish starving
Let’s finish starving completely


Those countries which sometimes have too much should make their surplus available in some form to those which have too little. Don’t tell me that it would cost too much money. If a tenth of what is spent on advertising, packaging, and distributing food is creamed off and spent on processing it for the starving, we would save a great many lives.

Don't just watch the starving people. Help them !
Which is worse? Starving ? Or doing nothing for starving?

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