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Automation Blogs

Automation blogs from automation blogs and how can they impact your decision making while automating your office

One of the leaders in this field in automation  has some very good experience in automation sector with having helped many people to automate their home or office with aplomb. Their blogs are high on information and you need to have a check on the Industrial automation blogs before making your workplace automated.

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Automation is Creating Conflict Among Workers

Automation is causing ‘high levels of conflict’ on the shop floor not between management and trade unions, but between those who operate machines manually and those who supervise computer-operated machines – according to a report published today. The study says “this new phenomenon may be changing the nature of industrial relations”.

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Automation is a component of technology. Technology, on the other hand, is the application of science to daily life. Man lived hundreds of thousands of years without it, until the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century. But 90 per cent of the people lived in poverty then.  Since the first Industrial Revolution, and during the present day ‘automation revolution’, the number of people who live in poverty in the industrialised countries has fallen to about  per cent.

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