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Dry Food

DRY FOOD – Dried Food
Food contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and these are vital to life. Food must be fresh when we eat it. If it is bad, it can make us ill. There are two main agents which turn food bad; fungi (such as yeast and various moulds) and bacteria. These are micro-organisms which cannot make their own food. So they live and grow on our food.

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Amaranth is a kind of high-protein grain. It may easily be grown in many areas which are unable to support other crops.  Agriculturalists think it is a promising crop which may help feed a hungry population in the future.  It is not a new idea to grow amaranth as a foodstuff.

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Food for the World

By the year 2000, the world population is expected to be about 7,000 million. This great increase in the world population, or ‘demographic explosion’ as it has been called, will cause many problems: shortage of housing, shortage of facilities and psychological  stress. But the biggest problem of all will be the shortage of food.

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Food and Starving

– FOOD –
One of the saddest features of the modern world is that millions of people do not have enough to eat and many more do not have the right kinds of food required for good health. Would they starve?
In order to be healthy, man needs a balanced diet, i.e. a diet that contains the right amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. The carbohydrate in bread, rice, potatoes and sugary foods provides energy for the body.

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