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Your heart is told by your personality

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YOUR PERSONALITY AND YOUR HEART Cardiologists divide us into two types according to how our personality affects our heart. Type A individuals are highly competitive, fast...
Agony Column and Newsapers

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THE AGONY COLUMN There is one part of women's magazines that every man reads. It is the section popularly known as the 'agony column',...
Heart Atacks Signals

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PROOF AGAINST HEART ATTACKS Does a drink a day keep heart attacks away? Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have found that moderate...
Lasers and medicine

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- LASERS IN MEDICINE - A laser is a very strong beam of light which is very different from ordinary light. Today, doctors use lasers...
Heart attack and death

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HEART ATTACK - WAS IT SOMETHING THEY ATE? Pirkko Mononen's father, aged 59, died of a heart attack. He was one of nine children...