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DDT Diphenyl

DDT ( Dichloro Diphenyl Tricoloroethane )
It is clear that some chemicals can damage the health of animals and humans. However, this is not the only problem that can be caused by the careless use of chemicals. Chemicals can also disturb the ecological balance of the environment. If the ecological balance is  disturbed, the consequences can be extremely serious.

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Genetic Geography

It’s far from perfect, but researchers unveil the first complete map of all 23 pairs of human chromosomes.
The first maps of the new world, drawn back in the age of Columbus and Magellan, were pitifully primitive. The early European explorers and cartographers thought that America was just a narrow strip of land and that the Pacific Ocean was small enough for a galleon to cross in a couple of weeks. But despite all their shortcomings, those first stabs at mapmaking captured the imaginations of adventurers and spurred more voyages of discovery.

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Animal Predators

No doubt the greatest single leap in human prehistory was the one we made from being helpless prey to becoming formidable predators (animals which hunt and eat others) of other living creatures, including, eventually, the ones with claws and fangs. This is the theme that is acted out over and over, obsessively, in the initiation rites of tribal cultures.

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