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phrasal verbs

Do you look for a website to learn English?

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Hello dear NewSky24 followers, today I will introduce you a website which includes almost everything which you would like to find out about English...
Phrasal Verbs - C

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Call after : Name someone after somebody else. She was CALLED Rose AFTER her late grandmother. Call around : Visit. I CALLED AROUND but she wasn't in. Call...
D - Phrasal Verbs

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PHRASAL VERBS PHRASAL VERBS D In the list below you will see the phrasal verbs beginning with "D" Damp down : Calm or reduce feelings, emotions. They tried...
F - Phrasal Verbs

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Face off : Confront. The company FACED OFF the competition. Face up to : Accept an unpleasant truth. Many people find it hard to FACE UP TO the fact...
PHRASAL VERBS - G In this list you will see the list of phrasal verbs beginning with -g

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PHRASAL VERBS - G   In this list you will see the list of phrasal verbs beginning with -g   Gad about : Visit a lot of different...
Phrasal Verbs Beginning With K

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Keel over : Turn upside down. The boat KEELED OVER in the storm and the crew drowned. Keel over: Surrender, give in. He was going to confront his...
Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

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ENGLISH PHRASAL VERBS - M   Magic away : Make something disappear quickly. He MAGICKED the bill AWAY and paid for us all before I could get my wallet out.   Make...

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PHRASAL VERBS - O  Occur to : Enter one's mind. Didn't it OCCUR TO you to help me when you saw how much trouble I was in?   Open up :...

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PHRASAL VERBS - P Pack away :  Put something where it belongs. I PACKED AWAY the suitcases in the loft after we had emptied them. Pack in :...
How to learn English Phrasal Verbs

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PHRASAL VERBS - R Race off : Hurry away, leave somewhere quickly. They RACED OFF when the polic arrived. Rack off : Used to tell someone to...