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How to take a pregnancy test

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Taking A Pregnancy Test Taking a pregnancy test can be filled with excitement for some people, whereas for others it may be a little intimidating. Before...
Ovulation Kits & Fertility Monitors

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Ovulation Kits & Fertility Monitors One way to track ovulation is by using an ovulation kit or fertility monitor. If you have been trying to...
Pregnancy Tests

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Pregnant “Pregnant.” This may just be the word you are looking for. You may be trying to get pregnant or perhaps you are wondering if...
In which sex questions can you get pregnant more easily?

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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period? Whether you are trying to get pregnant or looking for ways to avoid pregnancy while engaging in sex,...
Pre-Ejaculate Fluid

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Can You Get Pregnant With Precum? There are a number of situations or circumstances related to intercourse that leave people with many questions. Can you...
Articles about pregnancy

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Pregnancy Symptom Alternatives Getting Pregnant Am I pregnant? This is a common question for those who are trying to conceive and for those who are concerned...