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Work Matters and company

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- WORK MATTERS - Debbie Mason, 24, is a stewardess with Virgin Atlantic. She told Sue Wheeler about her life on Richard Branson's airline and...
Harrods - Must Visit

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- HARRODS: A DIFFERENT WORLD - Welcome to Harrods - a different world for a million reasons. Harrods is the largest store in Europe with...
Olympic games was first conceived by whom?

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- THE OLYMPIC GAMES - (This article was written in 90's) When the next Olympic Games begin, satellites will carry TV pictures of the opening ceremony...
Education and Educational Standards

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- EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS - After rising steadily for almost a century, standards of education in the public schools of Europe and North America have come...
The Australian Aborigines' History

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- THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES - 'Aborigines' are the first or original inhabitants of a country. The Australian Aborigines have lived in Australia for over 40,000...
about atoms

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- ATOMS - Atoms are the smallest particles of matter that have the properties of the chemical elements - hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and so on....
Halley2s comet and space and astronomy

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-  HALLEY'S COMET  - A comet is an object that travels around the sun leaving a bright trail behind. For more than two thousand years,...
The mind works with the body?

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- THE MIND AND THE BODY - A simple truth that should be self-evident is that an individual's personality is expressed through his body as much...
Computer Abuse

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- HOW TO STOP COMPUTER ABUSE - More and more, the operations of our businesses, governments, and financial institutions are controlled by information that exists...
Nuclear Program

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- NUCLEAR POWER - A SAFE SOLUTION? - Ever since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, governments have been trying to...