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To Sleep, Perhance To Dream

Sleep is broken into five distinct parts – Stages 1 through 4, plus REM, an acronym for rapid eye movement. REM and non-REM sleep are quite different, as different from each other as each is from being awake. Much remains unknown about each of the five sleep stages. Most dreaming occurs during REM sleep, a period when the eyeballs move rapidly beneath the closed lids. And whether they remember or not, all adults dream, usually four to six times a night.

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The word ‘hypnosis’ comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos’, which means ‘sleep1. Although it is hard to define hypnosis, because it has many aspects and degrees, it might be said that hypnosis is a kind of trance (a sleeplike condition) in which the subject responds strongly to  the suggestions of the hypnotist. It is difficult to know exactly what changes hypnotism produces in the functioning of the nervous system or the personality.

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