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Wind Power




(an article writen in 90’s. Look how fast the technologhy has changed since then)
In its search for alternatives to fossil-fuel energy sources, science is looking back in history at the windmill. Small windmills once were seen everywhere in rural America, but most were abandoned with the emergence of rural electrification programs in the 1930’s. Now energy shortages and rising petroleum prices have brought renewed interest in putting the wind to work.

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Bad Water

Few things are as insidious as bad water. It’s dangerous for you and your children, but you usually can’t tell if you have it. And if you do, you may not be able to find out where the problems are  coming from. Water can carry some of our most serious diseases typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis – yet still look clear in the glass. We may do battle over how we get our water and develop it, but we fear for its quality.

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