There are many different types of climate in the world. This article discusses the various types of temperate climates, that is, the climates that are free from very high and very low temperatures.


The world’s temperate regions are divided into warm and cool  zones. In the warm temperate zones, the average temperature does not drop below 6°C in the coldest month of the year.

This is the lowest possible temperature necessary for growing plants all year round. There are two different kinds of warm temperate regions. One is the western or Mediterranean type (dry, hot summers and mild, wet winters) found on the western coasts and across southern Europe.

The other kind is called the eastern or China type. This kind of climate is influenced by winds and is wetter, with mild winters and hot, humid summers. The cool temperate zones, on the other hand, have a cold season.

There are as many as five months a year when the average temperature  goes below 6°C.

There are two different kinds of cool temperate zones. One type is called a maritime zone, with frequent changes in weather conditions. The other is called a continental region, with warmer summers and cold winters.

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