(written in 90’s) 
The time when the cashless society becomes reality is drawing nearer and nearer. Many methods are already being used in the trade world. EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale), for example, is only a first step of progress in electronic shopping. The customers will sit at home  surveying the merchandise on their television screens and ordering their requirements – and they will have their funds automatically and invisibly transferred from their bank account to that of the store.

Already, shopping over the phone, by quoting credit card numbers, has much the same effect. This plastic money, too, is advancing into an  era of automatic debit and credit – soon those tedious waits while sales staff get your credentials checked over the phone will be a nuisance of the past.

Modem equipment ‘wipes’ the card in a flash, checking that all is in order. What the new technology can’t yet do, though, is to check that the person presenting the card is, in fact, you!


Mark the best choice.
1. In a ‘cashless society’ (line 1), .

a) nobody will do shopping b) banknotes and coins won’t be used c) electronic devices will be invented

2. Line 1, ‘drawing nearer* probably means .

a) gradually becoming nearer in time b) pulling each other closer c) taking out more and more money

3. Line 5, ‘merchandise’ probably means .

a) a TV programme about trading b) people who are in buying and selling business c) goods which you buy or sell
4. If something is transferred ‘invisibly’ (line 6), it .

a) is given to a person b) is taken to a bank c) cannot be seen

5. Line 7, ‘that’ refers to .

a) the requirement b) the fund c) the bank account

6. Line 8, ‘quoting’ probably means .

a) learning about b) repeating exactly c) ordering something

7. Line 9, This plastic money’ refers to .

a) money in your bank account b) credit cards c) shopping over the phone

8. Something which is ‘a nuisance’ (line 11) .

a) annoys you b) gives you pleasure c) makes you wait

9. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

a) Electronic shopping will replace shopping from a store in the future.

b) EPOS means Electronic Point of Sale.

c) Ordering goods over the phone is the best way of shopping.

10. Which of the following cannot be done by the new technology?

a) Checking if the ordered goods are kept in the store.

b) Transferring money automatically between accounts.

c) Checking if the real owner of the card has ordered the goods.

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