Everyone wants the best for a baby. A mother wants her baby to have the best in the way of food, toilet preparations (baby lotions, etc.), clothing and equipment. Most of the time she fails to use her common-sense when it comes to buying for a baby, especially the first  one.

Far more is spent on buying prams, push-chairs, special milk, and special powders and lotions for small babies than is necessary. Manufacturers and advertisers recognise this, and exploit it to the full. They take advantage of this weakness of a mother and in this way try to increase their sales as much as possible.

The child himself watches television, a particularly strong influence on small children. He finds television commercials and children’s programmes equally attractive and is affected by the suggestions and guidance of both.


Early in life the child begins to feel that if something is said on television it must be true.  For this reason, most Christmas present advertising, and advertising for sweets, cereals, food, washing powders, is geared to children because of the effect their repeated demands can have on their mothers.

By exercising choice in this way, thev become consumers at an early age and it is likely that choosing and buying goods and services will  remain an important part of their future lives.



A. 1. Line 5, ‘one’ refers to .

2. Line 13, ‘both* refers to ; .

3. Line 18, ‘they* refers to .

4. Line 7, to ‘exploit’ means to .


B. Mark the best choice.

1. Line 16, to be ‘geared to’ probably means to be .

a) chosen by b) designed for c) advertised for d) consumed by

2. The main idea of the passage is that .

a) more money than necessary is spent on baby stuff, such as prams, push-chairs and special milk because of advertising

b) the influence of television is important in that children think what they watch is true

c) as well as mothers, children also have an important role in the society as consumers and are affected by advertising

d) advertisers and manufacturers are aware of the fact that mothers buy too many things for their babies


C. What will have an important place in a child’s future life?

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