Although the house needed decoration and repair, the Longs decided to buy it. It was rather big, the price was very low and it was in the centre of London. Both Mr. and Mrs. Long had jobs in the city, so this was important.

There was also a good school nearby for their six-year-old daughter, Jane, to go to. Some time later, they learnt about the owner of the house and the terrible things that happened there. The first sign of trouble came just before they moved in.

The workmen who did the redecoration refused to work in the house after dark. “I’m frightened”, one of them said. Then, when the Longs started  living in the house, they noticed that the rooms were cold, even though it was the middle of a warm summer.

Their daughter began waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. She said she could hear strange voices and that they belonged to dead people. The voices told her that somebody had killed them in the house and buried their bodies in the  garden.

“At first we thought she was just having nightmares, but then my husband and I heard strange noises, as well, “Mrs. Long says. Sometimes, they both heard more than just strange noises. “One night, just before George and I went to bed, we heard a woman’s voice that seemed to come from nowhere.

It said only a few words, ‘No, no!  Stop!’

But we both heard it very clearly”, Mrs. Long says. Shortly after this, Mrs. Long learnt from a neighbour more about the history of the house. It once belonged to Gordon Taplow, who hanged himself in prison. They say that he murdered three women in the kitchen of the house and dismembered their bodies. Then he buried the various pieces  of the bodies in different parts of the garden.

After his arrest and death in 1959, many people bought and sold the house several times, but nobody ever lived in it for very long. Months, and even years, passed without anybody living in it at all. Mr. and Mrs. Long think that they know the reason for this. “Although nobody has found the bodies of  the three women in the garden, he must have buried them somewhere. Therefore the house is haunted by their ghosts. My husband and i are not superstitious but what other possible explanation is there?”


A. What do the following refer to?
1. ‘this’ (line 3):

2. ‘their’ (iine 31): the ghosts of

B. Mark the best choice.

1. The Long family wanted to buy the house because ‘

a) Jane didn’t want to go to school b) it needed decoration and repair

c) of its size, cost and position d) it was a haunted house



2. One night Mr. and Mrs. Long heard .

a) some strange noises only b) a strange and clear voice

c) noises from the kitchen d) a neighbour screaming “No, no! Stop!”


3. Which of the following is true about Gordon Taplow?

a) His ghost appeared in the house. b) He sold the house in 1959.

c) He lived in the house with three women. d) He committed suicide.



4. Which of the following is not true?

a) Working in the house after dark frightened the workmen.

b) Jane heard dead people’s voices and woke up screaming.

c) Nobody bought the house after the death of the three women.

d) The rooms were cold in the middle of a warm summer.
5. Line 15, ‘she was just having nightmares’ probably means ‘she was

a) seeing terrible events in her dreams

b) not able to get to sleep

c) telling stories that she heard from her friends

d) producing strange voices and making noise


6. Line 24, ‘dismember’ probably means .

a) wash carefully

b) tie with clothes

c) lock in a room

d) cut into pieces


7. Line 3C superstitious’ people . c» >.*w./.-*:=>• c-uy historical houses b; believe in ghosts and haunted piaces c) find a possible explanation for strange events d) want to know everything about their neighbours

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