Michael Greenberg is a popular man. He is· not famous in sports or 10 the arts, but people, especially poor people, on the streets of New York know about him.
For these poor people, he is not. Michael or even Mr. Greenberg. For them, he is “Gloves”. “Here comes Gloves,” they say when ·they see him walking down the street. How did he get that name?

Mr. Greenberg looks like any other businessman. He wears a suit and carries a briefcase, but he is different. In his briefcase there are not only papers and books but also several pairs of gloves. On cold winter” days, Mr. Greenberg does not walk quickly down the street like other New Yorkers. He looks around at people; he looks for poor people with cold hands.

That is why he carries gloves in his briefcase. He stops when he sees someone poor with no gloves and gives him or her a pair of gloves.

Every day during the winter, Mr. Greenberg gives away gloves. During the rest of the year, he buys gloves. Also, people who know about him send him gloves. He has a mountain of gloves in his apartment. There are gloves of all colors and sizes: children’s gloves, work gloves, and evening gloves for ladies.
Why does Mr. Greenberg help these people? When he was a child, his family was poor. However,
his father always gave things to other people. He thought it made everyone happier. Michael
Greenberg feels the same way. He feels very happy when helping the poor.
A. Mark the following statements True (T) or False (F).
T F 1. Mr. Greenberg is a famous actor.
T F 2. Mr. Greenberg is called “Gloves” because he always wears gloves.
T F 3. Mr. Greenberg gets all his gloves at shops.
T F 4. In his apartment, Mr. Greenberg has a lot of gloves.
T F 5. Mr. Greenberg comes from a rich family.
B. Answer the following questions.
1. What does Mr. Greenberg have in his briefcase?
2. Why does Mr. Greenberg not walk very quickly on cold days?

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