The ocean cannot be dissociated from any of our problems. Though not always given proper credit, it is nonetheless a vital factor in the ‘production’ of climate, storms, agriculture, health, war and peace, trade, leisure, and creative art. It is not merely a weather-regulating system and a source of food, cattle feed, fuel, and minerals.

More generally, it absorbs vast quantities of the carbon dioxide generated by the combustion of fossil fuels, it releases a major part of the oxygen we breathe, and it acts as a powerful buffer to slow down or to prevent such calamities as quick variations in the sea level.

The human body is made up of much more water than all its components combined. A dehydrated human being would weigh little more than 30 pounds. Our flesh is composed of a variety of cells, each one of
which contains a miniature ocean, less salty than today’s ocean but comprising all the salts of the sea, probably the built-in heritage of our distant ancestry, when some mutating fish turned into reptiles and invaded the newly-formed land.

The ocean in our body
The Ocean Of The Body – Rumi

Mark the best choice.
1. We may infer that the author believes that .
a) the ocean does not always get the attention it should as human beings try to
solve their problems
b) the ocean is polluted
c) the ocean is not a weather-regulating system
d) oceans cause a number of problems for humanity
2. The writer believes that between the physical makeup of the ocean
and the human body.
a) there is not much of a relationship
b) there is no evidence to suggest a relationship
c) we must study the possible relationship
d) there is much confusion
3. According to the author, which of the following is not affected by the ocean?
a) paintings
b) tourism
c) hurricanes
d) the Sun

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