-> The ostrich is the largest bird in the world. Africa and Arabia are the home of the ostrich, but we can see one in almost every zoo around the world.

It has got wings but they are very small, so it cannot fly.

Some male ostriches can be 2.5m in height and weigh from 90 to 135 kg. An ostrich has a small, flat head and a very long neck. Its legs are strong and thick.

It is an excellent runner. It can run very fast – about 40 miles an hour. It is faster than a horse, but it is not the fastest animal. There are faster animals than the ostrich – for example, the antelope.


The food of the ostrich is plants and some insects. Ostriches leave their eggs into holes in the sand. Sometimes there are 20 eggs in one hole. They are white and the largest eggs in the world. The female ostrich looks after the eggs in the daytime and the male ostrich at night

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