The Schrankhaus: Living on twelve square meters.

In the downtown areas of many cities the demand exceeds the offer for housing by far. Sharply rising rents are the result. Not only is this, that so many people in the town want to live, but also the changing living conditions: the number of single person households has steadily increased over the years. This provides architects and urban planners completely new challenges. On the construction trade fair bautec which opened yesterday in Berlin, is it currently presents an interesting concept: the only twelve-square-meter Schrankhaus wooden.

The Schrankhaus can be built anywhere

What is special is the modular lightweight design. Because different modules are located inside of the Cabinet. So, there’s a kitchen module, a sleeping module, a bathroom module and a module. Already a working module is under development. These can be drawn then each demand out and folded. The Schrankhaus is with the help of the various modules as always individual to the needs of the resident cut.
The concept was developed by the degree of wood engineering in the University for sustainable development of Eberswalde. The lightweight design allows it to build the Schrankhaus on almost every area – a foundation for building complex is not necessary.

The Schrankhaus is part of a trend of Tin House

So far it’s still a pure concept, from which only a prototype exists. The final price of a mini House not much can therefore still say. It was however aware as an attractive alternative for the middle class. This distinguishes the Schrankhaus of the referred “Apaato” small wooden houses, you see, for example, in Tokyo’s many vacant. Mostly rather poorer people live there. The Schrankhaus therefore rather alludes to the tiny House trend which emerged in the United States in the wake of the financial crisis.

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