My name is Tiku. I am an Aborigine from Alice Springs in the center of Australia. That is where many Aborigines live. We are different from the other people in Australia because we have brown skin .. We are actually the original people of Australia. The white people came here in 1788 and took our land. After that, we learned to live with them.

 In Aboriginal culture, we do not own land. The land is for everyone. The animals and plants are for everyone but the white people take the land and use it for farms. They cannot understand our ideas about land and its importance for us.
 Life is not easy for me because I am an Aborigine. University life is also difficult because most universities are in big cities. They are far from our homes in the center of Australia. There are many Aborigines in Alice Springs, but I am the only Aborigine in my class at university so I feel that I’m different. Universities are very expensive. We have to buy many books but we are poor.

 I am the first Aborigine woman to go to university. I want to be a teacher because there aren’t many Aboriginal teachers in our schools. I want to teach my people our history. I do not want Aboriginal children to forget their history. They learn only Australian history at schools but that is different from our history.

 Aboriginal history is not written in history books. Everybody learns it from their grandparents. They tell stories, and these stories are very important because they explain our history. They tell about the beginning of the world and about the land, trees and animals.

They teach us many things about Aboriginal life and help us to understand the difference between right and wrong.

 I want to learn new things at the university but I also want to learn things from my grandmother, who tells us stories. She never went to school, but she is a very wise woman. She knows many things about Aboriginal culture. She teaches me these things so that I can share them with other Australian students. Then, the white people can better understand us.


A. What do the following refer to?
1. them (para. 1)
2. that (para. 4)
B. Mark the following statements True (T) or False (F).
T F 1. There were Aborigines in Australia before the white people went there in 1788.
2. Aborigines don’t want to share their land with the white people.
3. Aborigines learn their history from their grandparents’ stories.
4. Tiku’s grandmother learnt a lot about Aboriginal culture at school.
5. Generally, the white people don’t know much about Aboriginal culture.
C. Answerthe following questions.
1. Where do Aborigines generally live in Australia?
2. Why does Tiku feel different from other students at university?
3. Why does Tiku want to be a teacher?
4. What are Aboriginal stories about?

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