Do you hope to be a teacher?

Have you hoped to be a teacher so far?


Firstly I must tell you that I am a teacher. I’m happy to be and proud of being a teacher. 

In 2010 I graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus. The university provided us perfect education. We were taught how to be the best teacher by instructors from all around the world. Thus we got information about foreign teachers and foreign cultures.

Almost all of the instructors were perfect but now I want to tell you about our foreign instructors. They have left their countries and moved to Cyprus. They have started a new life so they deserve to be talked about.. I’m sure you will love them as I do 🙂

Jim Kusch, the Instructor at Estern Mediterrenean University
Jim Kusch

One of the instructor was Jim KUSCH. Jim Kusch was so a patient and quite silent teacher that I always tried to behave as he behaved. I taught from him how to teach silently (not by shooting) and how to be patient for hours. He had been the instructor of Chicago University before he taught in Eastern Mediterranean University. As far as I learnt, he had started to teach at Kyrinea American University in Cyprus.

Thanks Jim KUSCH for everything you have taught us 🙂


 Javanshir Shibliyev, the Instructor at EMU
Javanshir Shibliyev

Another instructor of ours was Javanshir Shibliyev. He was from Azerbaijan and he was one of the cutest instroctors in the world. I learnt from him how to overcome the difficulties just by smiling 🙂 Javanshir Shibliyew also thought that the world is not worth to be worried about. He had been the sworn translator of Haydar Alivey, the President of Azerbaijan. I have learnt so much from him. Thanks Javanshir Shibliyew for making our world more colorful 🙂

Hoda Estafei was from Iran. She was the modern face of Iran. She taught us the methods of education but I learnt from her the modern and developing part of Iran. I have no longer prejudice against Iran. Thanks Hoda Estafei for breaking the my prejudice against Iran 🙂


Lida Erdoğan 🙂 She was a great Pollyanna of the University. She was from Lubnan and married with a Cypriot Turk.  I learnt from her how to be sincere towards our students 🙂 How te teach without hurting… How to teach by smiling not by frowning. I learnt from her how to teach with loves and likes not with dislikes or hates. Thanks Lida Erdoğan for teaching us to smile towards the world.

Gülşen Musayeva Vefali - Linguistic - Applied Linguistic
Gülşen Musayeva Vefalı – The Second Women on the Right – I’m not among them 🙂


Gülşen Musayeva VEFALI. She was a so strict instructor that I was always wondering how she was always succeding to behave like that. I have never been able to behave as she did. She was always starting the lesson as soon as she enters (even when she was opening – closing the door, she was starting to teach). Her memory was perfect. She always memorized all of our names at the first class. During the next classes she was checking the “absent list” without looking 😀 I wish I could have a memory like hers.

You have just read about  The University Years of Mine at
Eastern Mediterranean University 🙂

I hope have enjoyed it 🙂

See you soon again 😉


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