Top 5 ways to identify the trend of Forex market

Need to identify the trend of Forex market

Whenever you talk with the successful investors in Forex market they claim that the success is due to the ability of identifying the trend of Forex market. It is not possible to be successful in Forex market just on basis of luck. For gaining profit from trading in Forex market you need to have understanding of the factors which affect change of currency rate of exchange. There are ways to identify the trend in the Forex market.


Economy to identify the trend

A country’s economy plays an important role in trend of Forex market. The more the country’s economy would be stronger there will be more chances of higher interest rates of central banks. As the interest rates go high the more number of investors would participate in that country’s financial markets. When the number of participating investors increases in the country’s markets, demand for that currency will also increase. When the demand will be high, there will be increase in the currency exchange rate.

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Geo – politics an important way

Politics of a country and its influence on currency is very closely related. Everyone wants to look at the business section rather than the economic statistics. The currency exchange market is the global financial market which can be traded successfully with the help of political and economic news. Currencies represent a country rather than a company. So the political condition of a country is good way to identify the trend of Forex market. If there is any disturbance in the political area of country then it can change the direction of exchange rate.

Interest rate of country

When the interest rates of a country increases it results into increase in the country’s currency value. As the value of currency increases it reflects capital appreciation which helps the investor to earn more profits. The currency rate of country is connected with its interest rates. You can understand this trend of Forex market and can generate income by buying currencies of countries with high interest rate and purchase these currencies by paying it currency of country with low interest rate.

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Study of Mergers

It is the least appropriate way to identify the trend of Forex market. Using this way you cannot be sure about the direction in which the currency will flow. But sometimes it is considered the most preferable way when short term currency moves are to be noted. When a company form one country want to purchase a company in another company then at that time mergers take place. This is a good way of identifying the trend of Forex market. This way helps to indentify the short term movements of the currencies in Forex market.

Trade to identify trend

The most important way to identify the trend of a currency is to check whether the currency is dependent on its country’s capital flow and trade flow. Capital flow means the country has received investment from international sources. Trade flow means the income that is generated from trade. Some countries are dependent on the capital flow and trade flow. So understanding this is also a way to identify the trend of Forex market.

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