Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. Fifteen million people visit the city every year.

Halima and Ahmed, her brother, left their home in Egypt and travelled to the United States last week. They are visiting Washington D.C. with their American friend, Tom. Here is the letter they wrote to their aunt.

‘Dear Aunt Samira,
‘We arrived in ‘Washington, ‘D.C. three days ago. ‘What a great city! On Friday we toof^A Sits tour. ‘We saw many historical sites: the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the, Capitol. On Saturday, we were Busy, too. ‘We left our hotel and went to the ‘White House. This is where the President lives. It’s a Big, white Building. ‘We learned that it was made in 1792 and John Adams was the first president to live there. “When we arrived at the ‘White Mouse, we saw two dogs in the garden. They were chasing each other. ‘We took^a picture of them. Later we visited some of the museums. *We wanted to see the Optional Air and Space Museum too, But it closes at 7 pm and we went there at 7:30 pm. *We hope to see it tomorrow.
‘Halima and Ahmed

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