What is agar.io Cool Game? How to  play it?

Agar.io became the last addiction of the world. This browser-based online game was published on 28 April and made hundreds of thousands of people sleepless and this occassion  is still going on. This game was generated on how far you can go with a small ball. If you start this game only just, we say that you think twice. You play “Cool Games”  everday!


1. Choose a nickname and a zone. Enter Agar.io address, choose a nickname and one of eight zones such

as west USA, East USA, South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, China,

Oceania. And you will be included in the game as a small ball.

2. Eat, eat, don’t be full!
This game makes you addicted with its simplity and it is played on Web

browser. Its phone version isn’t served exactly. Your aim at the game is

to eat balls and rivals around you and to become the biggest cell.

How to play Agar.io
Play Agar.io

3. Why  is mouse not enough for you?

You don’t need to  use any arrow keys. You can control the direction you

want to go with mouse. You can follow the largest rivals at the zone at

top 10 list at the top right corner of the browser.

4. Use W and Space keys correctly.
You can throw small pieces to help people around you. With Space key you

can cover larger area or you can divide yourself to rescue at least a

piece of you when you are at the bay. Morever you can move faster.

5. I wish there are also songs!
At the game there are the largest participation and the competition at

Europe zone. But the most noticeable shortcoming at the game is music.

In fact Turkish users have already created a title ‘songs while playing agar.io‘.


6. It is not a game, it is like scramble of countries!
Turkishusers are  one of the greatest  fans of Agar.io besides USA and Russia.

You can see also France, Swedish, Greece among other countries.


7. If one wants to pluck hair, he will start!

The game is simple, the rules and the tools you can use are less and

clear. But this two-week game became phenomenon of the world. If you are

ready for sleepless nights, you can “Play Agar.io” game here.

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