Do you ever give excuses that are not really true? Everybody tells lies – not big lies, but what we call ‘white lies’. The only real questions are about when we lie and who we tell lies to. A recent study showed that people often tell ‘white lies’.

Here are some ways they do it. Lying to hide something: People usually lie because they want to hide something from someone. For example, a son doesn’t tell his parents that he is dating a girl because he doesn’t think they will like her.

Instead, he says he is going out with his friends. Giving false excuses: Sometimes people lie because they don’t want to do something. For instance, someone invites you to a party to which you don’t want to go because you think it will be boring. Therefore, you say that you are busy and can’t come. Lying to make someone feel good:

You often don’t tell the truth to make someone feel good. To illustrate, your friend cooks dinner for you, but it tastes terrible. Do you say so? No! You probably say, “Mmm, this is delicious!” Lying to hide bad news: There are times we don’t want to tell someone bad news. For example, you have just had a very bad day at work, but you don’t want to talk about it.

Hence, if someone asks you about your day, you just say everything was fine. Telling white lies isn’t really all bad. Most of the time people do it because they want to protect a friendship.


A. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F).

1. Giving false excuses is a common habit.

2. People frequently lie because they want to keep something a secret.

3. Young men go out with their friends when their parents don’t like their girlfriends.

4. People usually He because they think something will be boring.

5. People lie about the taste of a meal so that they don’t have to eat it. 6. White lies are mostly told to protect a friendship.

B. Mark the best choice.

1. People sometimes hide bad news because they don’t want

a) anyone to know about it b) to talk about it c) to be boring d) to hurt their friends


2. Which of the following is not mentioned in the text?

a) Lies are sometimes told to make others feel good.

b) Telling “white lies” isnl a bad habit.

c) People lie when they don’t want to hear bad news.

d) Studies have been done on lying.


3. In this text, the author mainly wants to say that

a) people frequently tell “white lies”

b) people lie to protect a friendship

c) \vhite lies’ don’t hurt anyone

d) ‘white lies’ are told in different ways


4. Which of the following could be an alternative title for this text?

a) The Truth About Lying b) The People We Lie To c) How to Feel Good by Lying d) Friendship and Lies

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