It is difficult for people living in a prosperous country to imagine what it is like to grow up in one of the poor countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. In many developing countries, millions of children die from  malnutrition and disease before they even reach adulthood. For those who survive, life is cruelly hard.

They live in the most basic kind of hut. Their water for drinking, washing and cooking comes from the local river or stream. They have to work from dawn till dusk, almost from the time they can walk. And for much of the year they go  hungry. An average family income is $ 10 to 15 a month. Worse still, they lack the opportunity to improve their lives because there is no education or training in practical skills. This is what we in ‘World Family’ are working to change – and we need your help to succeed.

– What We Are Doing ? –
In 25 countries of Africa, Asia, Central and South America we are giving poor people a chance to improve their own lives through setting up small-scale development projects.

We are helping to build schools, dig wells, provide medicines and – most important of all teach the skills the people need. To give just one example, in the  Embu area of Kenya we are helping to equip and run a mobile clinic to improve child care; providing textbooks for the local school; helping to build tanks to conserve rainwater; and training local people in agricultural and income generating skills.

We know that we cannot really help the world’s poor by giving  them handouts. Nor can we impose preconceived Western solutions on them since the solutions which are forced upon people turn out to be useless in many cases. Our approach is to help people solve their problems in their own way.

– What You Can Do To Help ? –
Today we are asking you to join our worldwide family and to hold out a helping hand to a child who urgently needs it. You can do it now, by agreeing to sponsor a child.

Your sponsorship can give them the chance to go to school or provide some of the other things that many of us take for granted. That is, we never question the availability  of these things because we have no doubts about their existence. In addition to this, it can give their families the chance to learn basic hygiene and health care. And it can start their communities on the long and gradual process of raising their living standards. Because you are sponsoring one particular youngster, you’ll have  the joy of seeing the difference that your help makes.


You’ll see the child growing up – learning, developing and gaining in strength and confidence over the years – through letters, photographs and regular progress reports. You can play a vital role in our work. As a sponsor, the help that  you give will go towards practical development work to benefit a whole family and community. That’s because we realise that we cannot improve the life of an individual child without supporting and strengthening the family, and raising the living standards of the community as a whole.

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