Hello dear NewSky24 followers, today I will introduce you a website which includes almost everything which you would like to find out about English Language. The website is so useful that every teacher of English can benefit from it while teaching at the class. As you know, to gain a new language is something very difficult for a lot of people all around the world. Thus they try to find new ways to learn a foreign language but unfortunately from time to time they give up learning it. 

However you don’t need to feel sad because of that situation because from now on you have a website which presents you practical English usage.

Please click in order to enter the website which I’m talking about: 

Make sure that you won’t regret to try it.

In this website called İngilizce Sınıfım, you can find a lot of things about phrasal verbs, grammar rules, short interaction sentences, time telling and so on.

If you need to learn and memorize all of the phrasal verbs you can find them here. In the list you can find phrasal verbs mostly used in the street language and books. Furthermore you can print them and stick on your wall in order to see them as much as possible so that you can memorize more easily. As you think, phrasal verbs are something which everybody wants to learn in practical ways.


Furthermore the website has Picture Dictionary . Via this Picture Dictionary everybody can learn new vocabularies in the shortest time. In addition, you will have a fun while acquising the English Language. To learn an new language means to get thousands of new vocabularies. The language acquisition is nothing if you don’t learn the words enough. Of course the pictures will make your acquisition of words more and more easily.

As you see, the website has many more things than that we have written here. You can use it in the everyway you would like to. If you have any question or comment, you can write below this passage. Have a nice English class . See you sooner…


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